I recently started working with The Globe and Mail - specifically their reader submitted essay column Facts & Arguments. Very happy to be working with these guys.

It was a privileged feeling to be outside when the rains came although we weren’t really outside. There was a tension to that, the idea of being out when you maybe should be in, and knowing that the rain couldn’t get at you, but daring it to anyway.
— Judy Smith for The Globe & Mail
After the war, he grew an apparently incredible rose garden, which always struck me as unusual perhaps for a tough veteran. I suspect that he must have taken solace and refuge in bringing those flowers to life every spring, in the same Easter season where he once had seen so much death. I hope that somehow a few more appearances will be made in my life by this wondrous ghost.
— Antony Anderson for The Globe & Mail

I've already seen improvement in my work by doing these. I tend to draw things I see in real life. I take tons of photos. I'm most inspired by places around me and the feelings of those places, and I don't really consider myself very visually clever or conceptual. But these pieces have been a really great opportunity to get better at creating worlds and feelings that are outside of my own experience.